Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Master John

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John officially has his Master's degree in soil science!!! We took this picture on the day of his defense. He had to make a powerpoint presentation and defend/present his thesis. There was a room full of people there, including the 4 members of his committee and the department head. After his 30 minute presentation, we all had to leave. John stayed in the room with his committee for a couple hours for his oral exam. They could ask him anything, so it was pretty intimidating. After this, the committee gave him some changes to make in his thesis, which they expected would take several weeks. John did it in less than one, got it all turned in and is official. He may be the first person in the soils dept. to do all of this so quickly. He has completed his M.S. in 2 years and wrote his thesis in just a few months. His major professor, Dan, introduced John for the presentation, then introduced us and said that John has been working on his own project with me at home (meaning Ruby).
We are all so proud! Check out the flickr site for lots more photos of our visit with John's family.


Jennifer said...

MANY Congratulations, John! Your defense sounds worse than my doctoral defense-- orals after you present your project? Crazy!

Enjoy the feeling of completion. I'm sure whatever you choose next will be an adventure as well.


Megan & John said...

Thanks Jennifer! It was a rocky road but everything fell in place in the end. Ruby coming at the end of it made things interesting. She provided much inspiration to finish however. I'm glad its done. I started my new job the day after I was certified; a quick tranisition.