Monday, August 20, 2007

monkey business

Ruby is all dressed up in her hoodie. Yes, she needed to wear it, its been a bit like fall out here lately. In fact, some of the leaves are already starting to change color! It's probably harad to believe if you're reading this from FL and its 8000 degrees outside. John knit Ruby those bright red booties she's wearing. He used some of my Grandma's yarn that was passed on to me.
Ruby is getting so strong. We sat her up in the rocking chair and she stayed there on her own for quite a while. She loved it! She is such a happy girl - she smiles at everyone she meets and is so patient.

I have FINALLY finished making Ruby this monkey. I began knitting it before I found out I was pregnant with her. There were many other projects that took priority over the monkey, so it just sat for a while. I found the pattern in The World of Knitted Toys. This was the baby monkey...there was a mama, but I thought this one would be big enough. It's as big as Ruby is! Hopefully she will like it. At least its not a toy made in China with lead paint. I guess I need to learn how to become more efficient at my toy making.

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