Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baby shower

On Wednesday, the staff at my school hosted a shower for us (and the 2 other pregnant teachers). The gifts in the picture were just for me - the other 2 girls had just as many. It was completely overwhelming. I can't belive how much stuff we got. We got a swing, tons of clothes and so many beautiful handmade gifts. It was amazing. Someone made us a "crib caddy". It hangs on the side of the crib and can hold things like diapers & wipes. She even sewed pockets around the outside for baby powder and things. We got an amazing quilt, a blanket, a crocheted blanket, a knit peace crane mobile and a very hungry caterpillar blanket - all handmade! And the other two teachers got the same (or similar) handmade gifts.
We're ready for the baby now!

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