Saturday, April 14, 2007

baby shower take 3

Yesterday my class hosted a surprise baby shower for me. It was so cute. They gave me baskets full of my favorite comfort foods (5 boxes of mac & cheese, 2 boxes of chocolate chip cookies just to mention a little bit), made me a card, a quilt, and one student even gave me a build-a-bear bear that she made for me with a little message from her that plays when you squeeze its paw. We ate chocolate chip cookies and milk and they gave me lots of suggesed names for the baby.
The teacher I job-share with planned it with our room mom. They're also working on a book for me, but it wasn't quite ready yet, so I have to wait to read that. I think its full of advice, which should be pretty entertaining.
John was there for the festivities, which they LOVED.

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