Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

When John & I were dating, we talked a lot about kids, in the hypothetical sense. We were both teachers for awhile & always finding ourselves in situations with kids, asking ourselves, "What would we do if this was our kid?" Of course, as much as we talked about parenting, it can only prepare us so much for the real thing. I knew then that John would be a wonderful father. He is so loving, patient, generous & thoughtful. But he has amazed me this past year. I have learned so much from watching him with Ruby and I have loved parenting with him. He has so much love for her and me that he accepts any thing that comes up with either of us easily.

When Ruby was a newborn, he would help us through the nights, by changing her diaper, helping her latch on to nurse (it seems so strange now that Ruby and I ever had to learn how to do that!), rocking & singing her to sleep when I couldn't nurse anymore or was to exhausted to hold her - all this even though he was somehow working on his thesis at the time.

Now, when I have my moments of crankiness & cabin fever when the sun seemed gone forever, John quietly would play with Ruby & encourage me out the door or make me a cup of tea.

Parenthood has changed our marriage a lot, in ways that I didn't anticipate, but John remains a devoted, respectful, funny partner through all of it. I couldn't ask for a better husband for myself or father for Ruby.

Happy Father's Day, John & to all the daddies & grandpas out there!

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john said...

Thanks baby, you inspire me to do the best that I can for you and Ruby. I'm the one that is learning from you!