Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All of a sudden, Ruby is heading toward toddler-hood. She is so funny lately, but has also thrown a couple minor tantrums, and this kid is LOUD! She's started dancing, throwing food, scratching and making us laugh constantly. We didn't think the terrible twos started until 18 months or so, we're a little nervous. And I've realized that I rarely see people with toddlers out anywhere. They must keep them in hiding because they're so moody & insane & loud. But so much fun. Ruby still giggles every time she walks. And look at her in this picture, so cute!

Not much crafting going on here lately that I can mention. I'm working on a super-secret father's day project very slowly. John has been home the past 2 days, very sick, so I have to sneak away to the basement for a few minutes at a time.

Have you seen Lars & the Real Girl? So funny. We got it from Netflix while John's parents were here. He picked up the envelope & said, "Do you want to watch a movie?" Then he read the description and we decided we probably didn't want to watch a movie about a man & his sex doll with his parents. I think that was wise, but still, it is funny.

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