Tuesday, June 24, 2008

forgetter bug

When I was writing my last post about Ruby growing up, there was one other thing that she did that meant she was not a baby anymore, but I couldn't remember it...until today. She's in her big car seat now. She faces forward and everything. She looks like a little girl in the rearview mirror.

Today I read this story about the person in FL who lost their arm to an alligator. It reminded me of the top ten list John & I made up about natural ways you can die in Florida. Here's the part of the list I can remember. The rest will come later, I'm sure.
1. alligator
2. snakes, my personal favorite
3. lightning
4. sharks
5. hurricanes
6. tornadoes
7. car wrecks, another one near and dear to my heart
8. rip currents
9. wild fires

John, help me out!


john said...

poisonous spiders
sinkholes (you could fall in)
mosquito diseases

I'll come up with more I'm sure

lane said...

yes! john and i talked about this a lot during our trips to the tator patches...

ruby looks so cute in the hounds tooth dress (and the birthday wrap - john posted one of her on the eorganic baby page)!! thanks for sending the photos.

Megan said...

heat stroke

john said...

the food
concrete allergy
death by sprawl
car jacking
your mom leaving you in a parked van