Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ruby's new developments

Ruby is teething. She's getting her two top teeth at the same time and its awful for everyone. The medicine only works so well and chewing on a wet, cold washcloth (her favorite teething toy) only helps so much. These teeth are huge! And two at once, its just not fair.
She has also recently learned that she can roll onto her belly in her crib. Starting today, she is doing this constantly before she falls asleep. The only trouble is, she hasn't figured out that she can sleep on her belly. So, I keep rolling her over onto her back, she immediately goes back to her belly and cries and cries. Her first nap this morning took her an hour to fall asleep. We just did this over and over.
Here is a picture of her trying to crawl out of her crib.

I just went in to check on Ruby - still not sleeping. This is what I found:

Ruby STILL wouldn't fall asleep on her belly. She fell asleep cuddled up with me on our bed. Don't worry, there are things stacked up around her on every side so she can't roll off the bed.

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