Monday, February 18, 2008

I like to eat, eat, eat

apples and bananas.

Ok, now that you have the song stuck in your head, you can keep reading.

Ruby loves, LOVES apples. She likes most food she eats, but she loves to eat apples that we eat. She likes applesauce okay, but there is nothing better than eating a whole apple. It is impossible to keep one to yourself when she's around. This weekend we were eating lunch together and shared an apple. After sucking on it for awhile and gnawing on it with her little teeth, she offered it back to me.

Just kidding!!! She cracks herself up.

When it was time to clean up lunch, the apple was missing. Apple, what apple? I haven't seen any apple.

We had a gorgeous weekend here. I think it was close to 60 yesterday, and so sunny! We spent a lot of time outside, walking by the river and soaking up the sun. Saturday, John spoke at a small farms conference. Ruby & I tagged along for the ride and visited the book and yarn shops while waiting for him.

This morning, some friends came over. There's no school today, so my teacher friends had the day off. We planned to go on a walk together, but it hadn't warmed up enough to go. It was still in the high 30s when they were here, so we hung out and listened to the babies squawk at each other. We are missing baby yoga right now, Ruby's nap usually interferes with class time, but thats ok, I'm blogging instead.

Congrats to Curt & Jill!!

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