Friday, February 01, 2008

bathing beauty

When we get Ruby out of the bath every night she stares at herself in the mirror and smiles. Is she huge or what? I walked up to the pediatrician's office with her yesterday to get her weighed. We live 2 blocks away. Our doctor is still a 20 minute drive away and we really like him so we're not planning on switching, but its nice to know that there is a doctor so close. The hospital is only another block away. Anyway, we dodged rain & hail storms yesterday to get there to see what a chunk she is. She's right at the cusp of the weight limit for her car seat and theres only a 2 lb. or so overlap for the next car seat so we wanted to see if it was time to switch. Ruby (with her clothes on) weighs 20 lb. & is 27.5 in. She's actually slowing down quite a bit. Finally! She only gained about .5 lbs this last month instead of the usual 1 lb.
She's outgrowing her clothes again, but this time instead of her getting too long first, her head is too big! This kid has a huge melon and we're finding it too hard to get some of her shirts over her head now. She is so top-heavy. She can usually sit by herself fine, but I don't quite trust it because of her head seems to have its own gravitational pull.

Ruby is making a bunch of new sounds this week. She's moving her little tongue around trying to get it to do something. Its crazy to think that she'll be saying our name soon. How is she 8 months old already?
Here she is from October after bath. What a difference 3 months makes. I know its cliche, but its all happening so fast!

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