Wednesday, July 11, 2007

so hot

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I wasn't a fan of temperatures over 100 before - especially without a/c, but poor little Ruby just can't deal with it. We've been spending our days out and about finding places with air that will also welcome a baby who might fuss for a bit. Ruby is over-stimulated, over-heated, and over-tired.

Last night we snuck into the soil science student lounge after hours and hung out there while John worked on his thesis with us. Ruby and I crashed on the couch until about 10 pm when we thought our apartment might have cooled off enough (it hadn't - it was 90 inside).

On a positive note, when Ruby is not hot and tired, she is so happy. She smiles a ton now - especially at books, which I can't get enough of. She makes a new little sound everyday, it seems. And, she is getting chubbier by the second. She couldn't be cuter, I think and then she proves me wrong.


Eddie said...

Poor Ruby/Meg, being hot sucks. You guys should come up here for a while...our apt. somehow doesn't get hot.

Or, you should install some air conditioners!

mamabean said...

I've got 2 words for ya...ho-tel. ;)
I'm hot just looking at you guys! Looks like you need to come to Florida to keep cool. LOL

Megan & John said...

yes, getting out of town (even to FL where everything has a/c - we'd be cold) or going to a hotel have beed discussed. luckily the heat wave passed. we still have to leave the house during the hot part of the day, but we're not gone for hours on end anymore.
john's parents will be here this week. his dad (doesn't know it yet) will be installing 2 window units donated to us generously by bri & eddie.
thank you, global warming