Friday, July 06, 2007

5 weeks old

Ruby is facing her first heat wave. Now she really loves her nightly bath time, she's so nice and cool afterwards.

Aunt Brianne & Uncle Eddie came to visit this past weekend. We all had a lot of fun staring at and holding Ruby. We went out to eat and went out walking and I actually had my hands free for a few hours! Bri & Eddie just moved to Seattle from KY and we're loving being so close now. Bri and I haven't lived in the same time zone for several years.

Ruby is starting to stay awake more often during the day and sleep a little longer at night. She's begun making some new sounds, more like coos. It's really cute. She LOVES John. When he comes into view, she just stares at him and when he is walking around she turns her head to follow him. Also, every morning when she wakes up, I pick her up to nurse her and she looks out the window and smiles - so cute!


Brianne said...

BriAuntie really misses Ruby and the McQueen family right now. Can't wait to hear her new sounds.

Megan & John said...

We miss you too, Bri! I swear, Ruby gets cuter every day. The end of August seems a long time away.