Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On the way to yoga class

Meg was on her way to yoga class (I usually go, but stayed home to grade papers, its finals week) and I grabbed this quick photo op. I love the way this shirt hugs her baby belly. She looks so good. The other night we were out at a reading and we saw some friends of ours who are also pregnant, very much so, like they could be having the baby right now. I was taken aback at the size of her baby belly. I can't believe that Megan's will like double in size from what it is in this picture. Lately we have been taken to watching the baby move in Meg's belly. You can practically see it rolling over in there! Its really cool to watch. The baby is so active. I wonder if it will stay that way after its born? Chances are it will. There are so many babies being born around here right now. A fellow student of mine in the soils department just had his first two days ago, its really an exciting time. My new office mate Gesa has a baby girl seven months old. Everywhere we go, babies!

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