Sunday, February 11, 2007

From the mouths of babes?

A couple days ago, I was walking down the hall at school and I overheard a kid ask another, "Who's that fat lady?" The other kid responded, "Oh, that's Mrs. McQueen." I thought it was pretty funny myself.

The baby is getting stronger...we can watch my belly move now when its kicking sometimes. I've even been able to figure out how its positioned - I can tell the difference between kicks and elbows. I love it!

My mission this weekend is to choose what type of sling I want to get. As every other decision is, this one is many choices. This one is made even more difficult by my back issues and for the fact that John will use it to, so we need one that will adjust to fit both of us. We have a great consignment shop in town, so I'll hit that and try their's out.

Au revoir!

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