Sunday, February 18, 2007

childbirth classes

We are officially in the 3rd trimester and still feeling good. We began our childbirth classes this week. We knew we'd eventually have to watch a birth video, but I didn't expect it on the first night of class! It was great though. I actually got pretty teary-eyed watching it, because it was just so amazing. It got me really excited to meet our baby. I also felt like I can really do this and get through it. We learned some exercises and stretches to strengthen muscles that I'll be using during labor and delivery and they were all things that I've been doing for years in yoga. That gave me some confidence too, that those muscles are already flexible and strong.

I took the glucose test this week also. I had heard stories about how awful the stuff is that I had to drink, but I thought it tasted like orange "pop" (as they call it out here). My blood sugar was fine - it was a good thing I didn't take that test on Valentine's Day. It was hard enough resisting the boxes of girl scout cookies we got in the mail from mom a couple days before the test.

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Jennifer said...

Hi guys! I'm so glad to have your blog. Megan, you look BEAUTIFUL!!

I've been reading mostly adoption blogs, so it's fun to read about your "other" way to grow your family.

I'm interested in what sling you end up choosing....also in whether you still like it once the baby is between 10 and 20 pounds.

Take care!