Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby McQueen, now in 3-D!!!

Can you believe these pictures? The ultrasound was an amazing experience. We were able to see inside the baby's brain! We also saw most of the major organs, counted the fingers, and even saw its mouth and tongue. Any comments on family resemblence? One thing we didn't see however was if its a boy or a girl. Even with steady pressure we are still committed to keeping it a suprise. Our doctor, Dr. Lee, gave us an overwhelming positive report about the ultrasound. In other news, Megan's belly is growing by the second (according to one of her students.) Tonight at our prenatal yoga class, Megan could feel that her belly was bigger than it was just last week. But you can't even tell she's pregnant unless you catch a profile shot. We have also taken possession of our new video camera, so soon we should have video links for your viewing enjoyment.

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Eddie said...

That baby looks suspiciously like me. If it comes out with an unnatural affinity for pedicures and a receding hair line, we're in trouble.