Sunday, January 28, 2007

6 months pregnant!

We drove up to Portland yesterday to get our little one's carseat. We really love it. Now its sitting in our living room with an ultrasound picture of the baby in it. I'm tempted to carry it around with me from room-to-room; having the car seat makes this all seem so real!

The baby is getting stronger and kicking harder now. Its suprising that it can make my hand move on my belly now. I love it. I took out my baby book yesterday and discovered that I was only 7 lbs. 1 oz, which makes me very hopeful. Of course, as John will quickly point out, I haven't grown that much since then. John wasn't that much bigger, so I'm still hoping for a tiny, healthy baby.

John's mom thinks the baby looks like John did when he was a baby. I'd be very happy if thats true. But some people think the baby has my nose & mouth. We'll see!

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Brianne said...

That's exciting, can't wait to meet mr./miss lightning! I guess I better get moving on the blanket...6 months huh?