Thursday, August 07, 2008

picnic in the park

Its August now and I'm starting to feel like summer is coming to a close before we know it and we have to hurry up and take advantage of the nice, sunny, warm weather while we have it. Last weekend, we hiked a bit and had a picnic at the top of the little hill. I'm hoping to picnic again at a different park this weekend.

Ruby is wearing our favorite sun hat. Brianne & Eddie gave it to her and it stays on! There's a toggle strap, so we can cinch it up close to her chin. And its cute and has great sun protection with the big brim.

Leave everything as it is in fundamental simplicity, and clarity will arise by itself. Only by doing nothing will you do all there is to be done.
(I'm not sure who said this - sorry!)

How do you celebrate summer?


Janine said...

I couldn't agree with you more...feeling like summer is on it's way out. I know it's about time when I start wishing to trade the dog days of summer (my 2nd favorite season) in for my beloved season of fall hence my weird obsession with butternut squash and soup(s) the past couple of days. Here we are trying to soak up as many afternoon and evenings as we can at the neighborhood pool before it closes on labor day :(

Megan said...

Yes, we're at the pool as often as we can be. This summer has been so nice, its hard to think about it being over. But the yummy squashes will get me through!